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Big day for humanity

Posted May 14 2009 12:00am

My blog is about stuttering, but I can't help blogging about my excitement on the launch of two revolutionary satellites that will change our understanding of the universe, especially its origin, structure and future. If all goes according to plan, of course! I am talking about Herschel and Planck from the European Space Agency. Herschel is the biggest ever telescope sent into orbit and will exceed Hubble's capacities, which have already awed us with amazing pictures and the age of the universe (13.7 billion years). (Hubble is currently being repaired, and will provide even more detailed pictures.) Planck is even more exciting as it studies the remnants of the big bang, the micro-wave background radition from 380'000 years after the inflation of the universe started. By its unprecedingly precise measurements, candidate models for the unification of all laws of physics will fall or survive. A great day for European science. And we should not forget that the Large Hardon Collider is going on-line in a few months giving us an even finer view on the structure of matter.
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