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Best brain food - fish oils

Posted by Aurea

There's so much in the news about Omega-3s for brain health.  But did you know that fish oils provide the best, most potent and proven source?

I take one daily called o3mega+ joy. It contains EPA concentrate in a proven dosage for better mood, reduced symptoms related to depression, BPD, anxiety and more.

For any one who wants to feed their body and brain right, I highly recommend a supplement every day!

If you want any more info about this, let me know. 

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The best source of Omega 3's is through Mila which is  a whole raw food from God's earth.  a proprietary blend of omega 3's, fiber, phytonutrients,protein, and antioxidants.  NO restrictions, FDA certified.      Omega 3's are called essential fatty acids for a reason, they are essential to maintain optimal health and we must feed them to out bodies, we cannot produce them.  Our food is not the answer with the way the land is polluted.  Mila is from the salvia Hispanica plant - from the mint family and a natural pesticide.  I truly recommend Mila, the results are amazing.
One M.D. told me that a baby's brain and eyes are dependent upon fat for development. I think it stands to reason that supplying some amount of EFA to the brain during our lives is important.

Omega 3 is amazing! For one thing it’s derived completely from natural sources—fatty fish—and so it is completely safe. Doctors say it is helpful for the brain, for joint health, for skin and heart health. It’s great to eat fatty fish at least 2 or 3 times a week, but supplementing your diet with omega 3 supplements is a great idea, too. Fish oil may contain contaminants—heavy metals, like mercury. It’s good to choose a fish oil supplement that contains fish oil of pharmaceutical grade. This is the purest form of fish oil containing the least contaminants and has the highest potency of DHA and EPA. Triple Strength Omega 3 has the additional advantage of an enteric coating—digestion takes place in the intestines so you do not experience fishy after burps, so common with inferior-grade fish oil supplement.
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