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Bespectacled three errors need to recognize

Posted Mar 23 2013 8:35am
Will add to the long-term wear glasses myopia. Many patients with myopia or children with family members heard often wear glasses myopia will

be getting heavier and heavier, and thus did not dare to wear glasses even if the long-term vision is blurred. In fact, wearing glasses after

myopia generally does not deepen, the myopia worse or not has nothing to do with the glasses. If you the appropriate wear glasses, myopia will

stabilize at a certain level, while wearing a while and do not wear easily cause eye fatigue and increasing myopia.

Pick off after wearing glasses. Many parents think that children wear glasses, is nowhere to pick off, which is wrong. Generally younger than

12 years of age suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism should always wear glasses; young people of more than 100 degrees

of myopia or hyperopia, as well as more than 75 degrees of pure astigmatism should always wear glasses. But the child of a considerable part

of refractive errors, such as the degree is not high hyperopia and astigmatism, grew up with the development of visual function is promising

to take off the glasses.

Long-term only wearing a pair of glasses. Some parents whether the child is hyperopia or myopia with glasses wearing for many years. In fact,

the refractive state of the eye is to continue to change with age, has been wearing the first glasses askew is wrong. General requirements for

children to wear glasses every year to re-cycloplegic refraction 1, and according diopter change and strabismus treatment decisions
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