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Beneficial to the eyes of the food

Posted Mar 27 2013 8:25am
Eye protection, in addition to the usual attention to work and rest, not a long continuous reading, watching TV, doing eye exercises

regularly, often eat beneficial to eye food can play a big role, but also to protect the eyes. Beneficial to the eyes food, what does?

First, lean meat, poultry, animal offal, fish, milk, eggs, beans, they are rich in protein, and protein is the main component of the

composition of cells, tissue repair need to constantly update add protein . Second, foods containing vitamin A is also beneficial to the eyes.

Lack of vitamin A, the eyes diminished ability to adapt to the dark, serious likely to suffer from night blindness. Daily adequate intake of

vitamin A can also prevention and treatment of dry eye. The best source of vitamin A, is the variety of animal liver, plant-based foods, such

as carrots, amaranth, spinach, leeks, green peppers, hearts, sweet potatoes, and fruit oranges, apricots, persimmons, etc.. In addition, eat

more foods containing vitamin C. Vitamin C is a component of the composition of the eye lens. If a lack of vitamin C susceptible to disease

cataract lens opacity. Vitamin C-rich foods with a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, particularly among the highest green pepper,

cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage, fresh dates, pears, oranges and other content.
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