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Balance Issues

Posted Nov 17 2012 10:06pm
One of my secrets that I have had since I was a child is that I can't skate. This is something I wanted to. All of my friends were meeting at the local skating place.

The girl I got off the bus with of the evenings was an expert at skating. I looked up to her and wanted to do everything she did.

I was learning to skate. She was teaching me of the evenings. But then I suddenly got sick.

I had my brain tumor recovered in 1983. 9 days later I had a shunt placed because I did not get the medication to keep the swelling down. There was so much pressure build up it crossed my eyes.

In the next 2 years I would have 3 eye surgeries to fix my eyes and learn how to walk again.

I did try to skate again. I don't know why I can't even ride a bike because my balance is so bad.

What is really funny is to look at me you would never know I ever had a brain tumor or hydrocephalus.

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