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Bad News And Good News

Posted Aug 12 2011 8:53pm
The physical therapy doc told me today that I may have to be wheelchair bound for the rest of my life, but my neurosurgeon said that the chemo therapy treatment has a real chance of working. It may ttake several months to a couple of years to see results, but it may work!  Though I have to deal with the fact that in the short run I may be in a wheelchair for awhile.

The docs have me on a schedule where I have to get a suppository every night at 7pm to get my system regulated.  They did it to me yesterday and I am already on the schedule, just waiting for my nurseto come in and tell me I can, plus I can't go to the bathroom by myself.  I can't do most things by myself at this point.

Last night was the first night I actually got a really deep sleep.  And it was for like 4 hours.  It was great.  Couldn't tell if I got back to sleep again or not, I think I di at least for a little while, but it was good, and I didn't wake up with a backache.

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