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Back to Basics – Brain Protection

Posted May 11 2014 11:01am

Found a great “new” blog – well, it’s new to me – called Changed Lives, New Journeys , that talks about life after brain injury.

They have some good information there – check out the post on Back to Basics – Brain Protection .

I particularly like the section on “Feeding a Hungry Brain”

Feeding a Hungry Brain

The brain needs masses of energy all the time. Three things it is important to remember about the brain:

  1. No pantry. The brain has no place to store up energy.
  2. The brain is go go go. It needs a very high level of energy to maintain its function.
  3. The brain never never sleeps. It is always performing. So it always needs energy.

For Our Brain This Means:

If the brain is without its energy supply, even for a short time, it can’t keep functioning at its peak. Temporary or permanent damage can occur.

We need to do whatever we can to keep the brain well fed and happy.

Energy Means:

Energy Input: Your brain uses approximately 20% of the total oxygen supply to the whole body and about 25% of glucose.

Energy Output: Your brain generates enough electricity to power a lightbulb!

Check out the rest of the post – and the rest of the site . It has lots of good reading.

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