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Awareness for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease for Facebookers

Posted Jan 13 2010 6:50pm

RF245634…Breast Cancer awareness has been popular the past few weeks… many of us wanting the same awareness for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease… We thought of adding something different to our status for the next few days.

Ex: Day 1 (Wednesday 13th): round off the number of people you know that have PD/Alzheimer’s (1-100). For those who ask what it means, say ‘Stay tuned!’

Day 2 (the 14th): Put the name(s) of family, friend, or self who have the disease and for those who ask again, ‘Stay tuned’

Day 3 (Fri/15th), final day: Everyone lists a symptom (tremble, shake, memory) – anything that pertains to the illness. That evening post your status with the results and what they refer to, such as, “I know ‘3’ people (or whatever your # was) that have PD/ALZ, their names are ____, and _____ is a symptom of PD/ALZ.

Let’s promote awareness for PD and ALZ. Thank you for your support! And, thanks for Focus On A Cure for an ingenious idea!

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