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Autism and early oxygen deprivation 2

Posted Jun 24 2009 3:10pm 2 Comments

I received a wonderful comment about the hypothesis that early umbilical cord clamping might contribute to the risk of origin of autism from a wonderful former colleague, Dr. David Blake, a researcher in the Department of Neurology at the Medical College of Georgia. His observations:

Fraternal twins typically have different placentas, whereas identical twins share a placenta but have different cords. The blood supply, and pre-clamping susceptibility to anoxia, would surely be different.

There are plenty of reviews associating prenatal or perinatal anoxia with autism already (as well as advanced maternal and/or paternal age). Given that early cord clamping clearly impacts perinatal anoxia, and has been recommended against, it would seem prudent to just change practice and see where that leads in a few years. The evidence that would lead one to think that early cord clamping is a bad idea is elaborate and complex (and amazingly compelling with respect to autism), but changing practice, immediately, is not.

As for the idea that one could statistically detect whether cord clamping is the problem, we can! Amish people do not clamp the cord until placental delivery, and they have no autism rate. The same is true in Somalia, but Somalian immigrants to westernized medical countries have high rates. Try to systematically find out autism rates and immediate cord clamping rates, on a country by country, or region by region basis. It is a task someone should get on immediately, but it will take a lot of effort.

An interesting discussion of the “Amish anomaly” re autism incidence has been provided by Dan Olmsted, who went to Amish Country to find the 150 or so individuals there who could be expected to be severely autistic. They aren’t there. He seems pre-disposed to believe that the difference lies with their non-vaccination. Many studies now show that this is unlikely. As David Blake points out, there is another difference in this population: In Amish birthing, by tradition, the cord is not clamped prior to placenta delivery.

The picture with autism in Somali children is a little murkier. It turns out that the incidence of autism is very high in children of Somali origin who were born in the US (several times higher than normal), while it appears to be very low in Somali children born in their native country. Again, vaccination has been identified as the likely cause by Somali parents and by many observers — but again, clamping follows placental delivery in Somalia, while the cord has been clamped without delay as a general practice in Minnesota, where a high incidence of autism in these children of Somali immigrants was first discovered.

I agree with David. These observations strengthen the arguments that early cord clamping could be a contributing cause of higher AD incidence. We should get our act together and determine, ASAP, the facts of the matter.

Perhaps this IS just another case of outwitting ourselves, as we attempt to outwit that clever old woman, Mother Nature. For the sake of all of the havoc that just might be attributed to this factor, let’s not let another year go by without having these answers.

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If I can just dash off a thought quickly before I run off (as its naptime) and I didn't finish the whole article, so please forgive me if this is covered.

There are other potential differences between Amish and Somalian's in Somolia which include:

*Prenatal Ultrasound use

*Induction of Labour

*Use of Pitocin during labour

*Use of Epidurals

*Prenatal use of high dose iron

*Rh immunization

Ultrasounds have also been suggested as a cause of autism, as has induction and pitocin.  Induction remains one of the top causes of prematurity and prematurity is linked with autism as well.



Please Visit:


Please support the Petition.  If you are a medical person, be bold, give your name and your creditials.  Thank you.  Also, write a Letter to President Obama and ask for a Commissioned Public Forum, or Inquiry, on why the training of doctors is false, saying low blood volume and pressure to all cells is good for the baby.  This is when they are seeking to sell the trapped blood in the placenta and in the umbilical cord.  The extracted stem cells from the deprived whole placenta blood may well sell for the going market rate.  That may be $30,000.00 USA funds for less than an ounce.

Not even gold sells for so much.  But the cost to raise now an impaired and compromised child will likely be $60,000.00 per year, plus medical costs, plus drug care to attempt to modify the infants behavior and learning problems.  They will have subtle to serious brain impairments.  Many of the children will have severe Cerebral Palsy. Some will be blind, and mute, and deaf.

 The duty is to seek a criminal fine against the policy makers of any early and instant umbilical cord clamping. This is ACOG in the USA, and in Canada that is SOGC.  The Medical Councils that put test questions that lead medical mature students to accept early clamping as good for the baby must be part of the public inquiry. 


We must wonder why adult medical students are not encouraged to report child abuse and endangering by the instructions or reading material supplied by the training institution.  This would be to question any hand's on training while they are doing medical training.  The issue is always a local issue of harmful trends not being stopped. Why not?


See the links to review.

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