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Associated Content Doesn't Like the Word "FAT"

Posted Jul 31 2009 10:00am

Recently I wrote an article about a few new quizzes that FACEBOOK is rolling out entitled, "How FAT are YOU? " Frankly, I wrote the article tongue in cheek- and probably couldn't have written it any other way. Because being fat is just that, being fat. Why dress it up? The thing that really intrigued me about the quizzes on FACEBOOK was that they were all about using different words for being fat- oh, you know, like overweight, chunky, plump, voluptuous, rubenesque.

When all along really we are just fat. And, so what!!!

Anyway, I decided to publish the article at Associated Content under the title, " How FACEBOOK is Helping FAT People."

Apparently, someone there did not like the word, 'fat' and changed it to How Facebook is Helping People Who ARE Overweight!

What a scream!

This is not the first time Associated Content has changed a title to one of my articles. The people who edit and proof these articles have their own biases and use creepy excuses like there are not enough keywords in the title to grab a search engine, or no one reads articles about these types of subjects.

I find it all quite comical, lyrical, ironic, musical, and in the end, just plain ()**()&^*^&*^*&
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