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Are You Using Free Hosting Services?

Posted Feb 16 2012 12:35am
February 15, according to Taiwan's "today's news" 15 days to report, British 1989 and the first case of myopic lasik surgery, now this kind of surgery is common, but because of the technology or other, after patient occurrence  Supras TK Society   sequela to increase the case.


According to the report, Britain each year about 100000 people excimer laser corneal layer forming technique (LASIK) for myopia, provide myopia laser surgery of the eye clinic many, about every 10 ophthalmologist  Supra Chad Muska Skytop High Tops   has six individuals to such an operation.

Advertising says myopic lasik surgery easy, minutes can let the myopia race out of glasses or contact lenses. Surgical fee for clinic different were different, the price is in 1500 to 3000 pounds  Supra Henry Boot? in between.

The royal medical school, points out that at least 75% of the patients receive myopia laser surgery vision can resume  Supra TK Society High Tops   normal, but still about a third of the people need to wear glasses, even if the vision be successful correction, some patients there will still be complications, including dry eyes, night vision loss, floaters disease, others eyelid inflammation, eyes astigmatism, blurred vision, etc.

Retired optometrist DaiFuLin said, a lot of people think that moved myopia laser surgery can once and for all in this life don't need to wear glasses, in fact some patients night still need to wear glasses. Not only that, the operation  Supra Vaider High Tops   process can be very painful, recovery time than what people think longer.

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