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Are You Bored? Then You Must Be a Kid!

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:24pm
I love kids cartoons, especially the commercials. My grandson, Truth, always tells me he wants whatever is being advertised for his b'day. Video games, computer games, flash cards, transformers, cars, Spongebob dolls, Barbies, Bratz or even a bunch of video cards. Kids love all that kind of stuff, don't they?

But, they also love to play in cardboard boxes, hit each other over the heads with those tubes that are inside of wrapping paper and snap the bubbles in plastic packing materials.

There are so many things that kids like to do- you would think you would never hear a kid say they are bored. But, they do. Is it because of a short attention span? Or because there is so much in front of them they want to try it all out?

Gosh, that answer is somewhere back in childhood. I forgot!
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