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Are These for Real? ‘Home’ Remedies for PD

Posted Sep 21 2012 3:16am

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Artwork by Sherri Woodbridge, 2012

I received an email today from a woman who is a caregiver to an older woman who has PD and suffers from painful cramps in her toes.  She was seeking advice as to what may help alleviate her pain and discomfort.  I couldn’t give her any magic potion recipes and nothing definitive that I knew of that would work, so I researched a little bit and found some information that I passed along.  Among this information were these ‘homemade’ remedies:

-Try having a glass of lukewarm milk just before going to bed. Though easy, the remedy is very effective in treating foot cramps.

- Having chamomile tea, 5 times a day, can help bring relief from foot cramps, in about 2 weeks. [Editors note: this sounds rather 'relaxing' but beware: if you think frequent trips to the bathroom were a nuisance before, just imagine...]

- Take a hot shower before going to bed, making sure to soak the feet in the water for sometime. It will surely prove effective. [Editor's note: To soak the feet, you may want to plug the drain hole.  Why not just take a bath and read a book while you're at it?

- When you lie down at night, stretch the legs as far as you can and hold the position for a few minutes. Repeat as many times as you can.  [Editor's note: THIS EXERCISE GIVES ME CRAMPS!]

- There is yet another exercise that proves beneficial in case of foot cramps. Stand straight, keep your heel on the floor and curl your toes upwards. Hold the position for a few minutes and repeat. [EDITOR'S NOTE: This does not eliminate the pain but increases it - even if I hold the position for less than a few minutes!]

- Red raspberry leaf tea has also proven to be good for treating foot cramps. Have a cup in the morning as well as evening.

- Drink a concoction containing 1 tbsp calcium lactate, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp honey, in ½ glass lukewarm water, once in a day. [EDITOR’S NOTE: I did not use the word ‘concoction’.  I have translated the original advice as is, to the ‘t’.  However, this does sound like a crazy concoction for leg or toe cramps.

- When you go to bed at night or rest in the daytime, carry a hot water bottle with you and use it to apply heat on the feet.

- Consuming 2-3 bananas in a day as well as having 2 tsp of honey daily is another effective home remedy for foot cramps. [EDITOR’S NOTE: I agree with getting the extra potassium, believed to be helpful in reducing leg and foot cramps, but 2-3 a day seems excessive.  I have 1 a day or every other day and that seems to help a lot.

- Use lavender oil, rosemary oil and eucalyptus oil to massage the affected area, once in a day. [EDITOR’S NOTE: I think any oil would feel good.  Peppermint works, too.

- You can also try pressing your toes against the wall and stretching the calf muscles, 15-20 times daily. [THERE IS NO WAY YOU’D GET ME TO DO THIS WHEN MY TOES ALREADY HURT, NOT EVEN ONCE! ( From Lifestyle Lounge ( 4102.html)

Journeying with you for a cure and not another concoction ~ Sherri

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