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Applied For Social Security

Posted Jun 16 2010 10:13pm
I had an appointment with Binder & Binder yesterday and applied for social security.  We'll see what happens.  I know now that I can't work because I can't even sit here and make the necklaces, which I finally did, without getting a headache and a cramp in my side!  My acupuncturist loved the necklace though, so it was worth it.  I am wondering if it hurts so much because I am on 6mg of the steroid.  Would it be better if I went back up?  I don't want to go back up, and I don't plan on it, I'm just wondering if thats the cause.  I am also having some numbness in my foot, which is another reason why I am wondering about the steroid dosage.  I'm obviously not ready to go down to 5mg!

On Monday my PS3 died.  I took it hard.  I had 3 blu ray movies from netflix to watch and nothing to watch them on and it was just another thing going wrong in my life.  No PS3- no rock band, though I hardly play anymore, but I already had to sell my drum kit and now I lost rock band!  So I got depressed.  Haven't been able to sleep.  Tuesday I had my appointment with Binder & Binder and  when the meeting was over I stood up and got dizzy.  After I got better I went to  Best Buy to get a blu ray player.  I put it on a credit card.  I figure I have plenty of stuff I can sell to pay it off and I really like watching my movies, plus these blu ray players can stream movies from netflix and amazon and even videos from you tube!  It took about 45 minutes to get to Best Buy after my meeting and when I got inside I got dizzy and a sharp pain ripped through my head.  I had to stop at a table and get my bearings!  It was the weirdest feeling, not just a normal dizzy.  A couple minutes later I was fine and I went on with my shopping.

Today my friend came over to help me do laundry and other stuff and just sitting on the recliner, leaning over to go through the paper work, cramped up my side and gave me a headache.  I had to take several breaks.  And my foot is very tingly and kinda throbby.  I did find one of the papers I wanted to find, still have one more to find though- medical bills...  I wanted to go to the store tonight but too tired, ill have to go tomorrow.  At least it gives me something to do tomorrow.

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