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Apple iPhone 5 Bling Cases With Free Shipping

Posted Mar 25 2013 10:31am

As a young group of fashion, enthusiasm for Crystal love is very high, it represents a pure and noble. Swarovski brand, as the world's leading manufacturer of Crystal, sophisticated career woman new understanding, recently launched a 2012 Swarovski iPhone5 candy series protective case.

Many iPhone users love that sense of luxury extravagance that brought to iPhone, if you think worth nearly USD iPhone 5 should be used with a more textured protective case to show their taste, don't miss this special Sellot diamond case for iPhone 5. The Sellot stones cover the whole body with Swarovski rhinestones to create, first sight of shiny satin effect really is quite great, coated store display bin for deliberately opened without the need of direct spotlight, it has a very bling effect; however, where is the difference between Swarovski Crystal and diamond? I check data on diamond to share with you.

We often say stones consist mainly of quartz glass, diamond was just habit, commonly known as, after cutting through the manual, will be able to show as if shining like a diamond. The unique Swarovski rhinestones, is that it is the best quality artificial Crystal cut, can be as high as more than 30 cutting facets, so a high refractive index, revealing a sense of deep luster, gloss better Czech drill and drill in the Middle East. And because of its high hardness, can keep the gloss for a long time, under the popular favorite of the market, and thus laid the Swarovski rhinestones distinguished positions in the market.

Thankfully, you don't have to choose between an iPhone case that's sparkly or an iPhone case that's colorful -- you can have both with these fun cases by Lucien Elements ($158). They're covered with gorgeous Swarovski crystals and are available in every color of the rainbow, as well as black. We love that they use jewelry-grade materials, so you know these cases are just as nice as any other accessories you carry. Do you like these iPhone 5 bling cases?

Apple IPhone5 weight is reducing 30% than before. Sometimes hand-washing and hand sweat fear instability after iPhone? Famous CAPDASE said iPhone5 Mobile Shell is definitely your best helper. Special function is that it has a non-slip design, even if his hands wet or sweaty, no longer afraid of slipping hands out iPhone5. And provide a variety of colors to choose from.

CAPDASE is an internationally renowned brand, from Hong Kong, launched the iPhone5 cover shell using matte material, make feel even better for iPhone5. After opening the package will find protective case bag + bracket + foil + admission, only one purchase, can give the beloved iPhone5 all-round protection, price is only $32. What is more, it will plan to publish cheap iPhone 4 cases free shipping.

If your preferred method of sparkle is glitter, then this case will make you (and your iPhone) shine! This case is available on Etsy ($17) and is actually a skin that sticks directly on the front, back and sides of your iPhone 4 to protect it from scratches and give it bling. Each little piece of colorful glitter completely stands out on this case, and the black background makes it unusual in the world of spa

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