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Any proven alternative treatments for brain tumors?

Posted by Wayne O.


My 12 year old nephew has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He will be having a biopsy surgery later today.  The tumor is causing circulatory problems, and the doctors say that once he has surgery to actually remove the tumor, he may go blind.  6 years ago, I lost a 19 month old son to AML Leukemia.  If I knew then what I know now I would have definately tried alternative methods prior to chemo-therapy.  I just want to give my nephew the best possible chance of recovery.

Thank you very much for your time.

 Wayne Ortiz

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No alternative treatments for brain tumors have been proven to work better than conventional approaches.

First step Prayer.  :)

Second keep him off ALL sugar/simple carbohydrates. Sugars feed cancer, ironically they also feed fungus. There is growing information about cancer/tumors actually being from fungus.  (note: even some "healthy" drinks like Ensure etc have very high sugar)

Visit this website

Also I have read many testimonies for both animals and humans with success in tumors using Transfer Factors 

Purchase a quality Flaxseed oil and mix it with cottage cheese and have him eat this 2-3x a day. There is a synergistic effect when they are combined together according to reports I have read. You can google them both with the word tumor and see what information is available. Dr Johanna Budwig did research on it and good information is worth finding.

I am not a rep for either of the above, I am a wellness enthusiast and a rep for another very well respected nutritional company. If it were my child, myself or my pet this is what I would look into first.

There are no dates on these posts, so I'm not sure how old or new this quesiton is....



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