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Anti-selection is selection

Posted Mar 03 2007 12:00am
I am trying to come up with questions that influencea therapy choice. Here are a few but without explaining how they would influence the decision making process. Please feel free to post your question(s) and why they would influence therapy choice.

- do u have a family history of stuttering?

- do u have serious issues that may affect your stuttering? Psychological or Physical?

- is it the first time you talk about stuttering?

- how old are you?

- how much time do you have to dedict to therapy?

- how many therapies have you done in the past?

- are you male or female?

- can you really focus on a single task or goal, even obsessively?

- how dysfluent is your speech?

- how variable is your fluency?

- did you have an incident at age 3-5 that could have impacted stuttering?

- what therapy options are there in your neighbourhood?

- are you embarassed to talk about your stuttering?

(to be continued...)
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