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Another morning another headache

Posted Jan 20 2011 7:06am
I was scared awake this morning I'm sure didn't help with my headache. My humidifier decided to come on full blast at 4:30am. It sounded like a blow torch. I jumped out of bed startled trying to figure out what the sudden blast of cold air was in my bedroom.

I figured Ginger (my cat) had walked across it and turned it on but she was no where around. But the way I jumped out of bed ib don't blame her if she was hiding. This is the strange thing I don't remember if the humidifier was on. I know it wasn't last night. But I don't know if the light was on when I started trying to turn it off this morning. I could not get it off!! I could not even get it out of super turbo blast mode. I turned it off 3 times and it still would not go off. So I left it in the off position I would have to pull my bed out to unplug it.

So my head is starting to hurt in just a few minutes of fighting with the humidifier. I stumbled on into the kitchen with one eye open and got my tea and some crackers so I could take something for my headache. Then suddenly the humidifier turned off. I could hear it all the way in the kitchen. I had left it in the off position and it apparently figured it out.

But now! My eyeballs feel bruised. My forehead and temples feel like I have a vice griping down. I can run my fingers through my hair and my scalp feels bruised.

This is really discouraging for me I was really hoping that my daily headaches had let up. I still hope that maybe this will pass.
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