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Another Day, Another Headache...

Posted Jan 24 2010 5:59pm
Woke up this morning with a bad headache. I thought it was from the pillowtop mattress topper I have, it needs to be flipped, my neck was achey and it gave me a headache, but as the day went on, the headache got worse and the pills have not been helping. And today is supposed to be my last day taking the steroids. So if the headache is this bad when I take the steroid, how bad is it gonna be in a couple days when I haven't taken any steroids at all? I think it was like this last time i weened off though, and I am hoping I am right and that my headaches go away because I cannot handle this. But I do not want to be dependent on pain pills forever. Because now I am also dependent on laxatives and yogurt! Have had a headache everyday for I have no idea how long now!
I go back to physical therapy tomorrow. Tara is going to be mad at me for not doing my exercises, but I was sick so I will have to make her understand how tired I was and how bad the headaches were. But I have a good feeling about the therapy!
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