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Another Angel – Guest Post by Cherie Mann

Posted Apr 02 2013 11:00am


My sister-in-law Linda, is my Angel. Linda helps me with my PD, or I should say we help each other with our problems.

She recently became legally blind and I was diagnosed with PD. We also both lost our jobs at about the same time. She has been there for me and I hope I have been there for her. And – we have bonded.

When she notices me struggling to finish our walks together, she has been my cheering section, while at the same time, I am her eyes during the walk and tell her where there is uneven ground that she might trip on. She forgives me at the end of the walk when all my concentration is on walking (‘heel/toe”) and I don’t notice the tree branch that hits her in the face.

I am her driver to the doctor, the bank, store and to church. She comes with me to my appointments to be my memory when I have brain freezes and to fill out forms for me (micrographia). I have problems multi-processing, starting jobs and following through and finishing them. She would gently remind me of a task not completed or say “Is there anything you want me to do to help you complete it?” I lose track of the time.

In order to take my meds, she bought me a three-alarm watch for my birthday. She also volunteered to be my assistant when I volunteered to help with registration at the Diabetes Walk in our area. I walked the 10k since 1995, but decided to volunteer this year instead. When I received the instructions for the event, I was concerned about the multi-tasking involved and so she came with me and helped with handing out t-shirts and putting on wrist bands and keeping me on track while I collected money and handed out maps and raffle tickets. I then drove her to her father’s house. So it has been kind of a give and take. It has been nice.

She sometimes notices my symptoms getting better or worse before I do. She’ll say “You must be having a bad day” or “Did you notice that you only used one arm to get out of the chair?” or “You are standing straighter” or “You’re walking faster”.

She has been my angel and hopefully I have been hers.

I also have alot of others – my mother, my band and people from my church, to name a few. Also, the friends I have made here online. There is always someone around to listen and understand.

Until I wrote this down I hadn’t actually realized how many ways Linda has been my angel.

Thank you, Linda.

***Note: Thank you to Cherie Mann for submitting this piece. And thank you, Linda for being there for her. You are both an inspiration. You can catch a peek into Cherie’s wit by checking out or winning funny PD story that she submitted last November on changing lightbulbs.
~ Sherri

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