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An open letter to the Canadian stuttering association

Posted Aug 01 2010 1:16pm
Dear Lisa from CSA,

Thank you for your email and support.

I have cc:ed all the contacts I have found from Canada to make this a very public issue.

The attached pdf summarizes all the information collected so far. This guy is amazing and has websites on kill your stutter, kill your lisp, grow your penis, cleanse your colon, and brew your own beer! And there is an injunction against him in the UK and a lawsuit.

This guy, Arjun Lal, does his scams from Canada. So he is one of yours!!! ;-) Only you can close him down.

Even if CSA are volunteers, I am sure you will find a lawyer, university professor, or other movers  in your membership that could coordinate efforts to shut his website(s) down.

All of the following steps will increase the pressure and incentives on him and often things happen in unpredictable ways.


Can you please forward my email to all the board members of CSA?

See it as a great opportunity to get attention in Canada for the needs of people who stutter, and to make sure that no-one from Canadian land scams people who stutter world-wide.

Only you Canadians can do this!

Good Luck,
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