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Americans with Short Memories…AND They Don’t Have Alzheimers

Posted Sep 12 2010 11:29pm
Memory loss

Memory loss - Image by via Flickr

Americans have short memories.  I’m talking about Americans that DON’T have Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease or brain damage…well, maybe they have the last one, but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt on that one.

Tonight we watched the DVR of the CBS Sunday Morning Show which showed a young 10 year old boy in Murfreesboro, Tennessee who is now afraid to go to school because he was being harassed because his family was Muslim.  He was born and raised in America – but when his fellow students found out his family weren’t Christians, they called him a terrorist and scared him.  How insanely pathetic and sad are these “Americans” in Murfreesboro, TN to treat this American child as if he was a fanatic or could be an enemy of the American people!

I remember when my Father went to serve in the American Armed Forces in Vietnam. He insisted that my sister and I (we were only in Jr. High School) go through formal Naturalization procedures with our native United States Government as a “precaution”.  You see, my mother was born in South Korea and while she had already become a Naturalized American citizen, my Father was concerned that if anything happened to him while he served in Vietnam, we could be interred, deported, detained, imprisoned, or tortured if the Vietnam war became ugly.  He knew that the majority of Americans didn’t even care to KNOW the difference between Vietnamese or half-Korean/half-American children.  My Father knew that if the hatred was intense, most Americans in Texas would take their hatred out on anyone who was half Asian and assume we were Vietnamese.  My sister and I were both fully American citizens before we went through the wasteful, unnecessary Naturalization procedures.  But my Father knew that Americans have short memories.

My very wise Father knew that if things got ugly in Vietnam and he was dead, then it wouldn’t matter if his daughters had full, legal American citizenship .  He knew that Americans would revert to behaving from the position of fear – because that was easiest.  He knew that Japanese Americans had been interred unnecessarily – out of fear.  And my dear, wise Father knew that Americans wouldn’t inform themselves of the differences between his children’s citizenship and the Viet Cong.  And he told us to keep our “official” papers safe….we might have to show them at a moment’s notice.  He knew Americans had short memories.

This wonderful county, that is my homeland, was founded on the principle  of freedom….freedom for each of us to speak, worship, read and live.  Our country was  established so we could each live in freedom from fear of discrimination, condemnation and tyranny if we chose to worship other than in the “state sanctioned” manner.  But look what minute memories we have!  We  are ALLOWING our fellow citizens to be harassed and hounded because they want to practice their religion peacefully.  We have chosen to forget what it’s like to be a little boy in America who wants to worship and go to school in peace.

Americans have forgotten that we were treated terribly in England, oppressed and sentenced to death for seeking to worship freely – so we escaped and founded a new country.  We left in order to give our children and future generations the freedom to worship, publish newspapers with differing opinions and to live without FEAR.

How very sad that Americans are behaving now from fear.  How very sad that Americans cannot see that overcoming that fear will really set us all free.   And isn’t it terribly sad that Americans have such short memories?

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