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although I do not know d rose 2.0 for sale what

Posted Oct 15 2012 2:26am
I ran with doubt curious to tell his mother, the mother did not look up, just slowly said: "You go get some paper money for him Shangfen it!" I took the mother handed me a stack of paper money. Went to his grave, while throwing paper money to the fire side murmured: never come on your grave, you must be very lonely, although I do not know d rose 2.0 for sale what you call, do not know you, but you year must be a hero, bones but to flee their homes, you burn some paper money ... "At this time, a gentle hands to hold on to my shoulders, I looked back, turned out to be a mother, her gently from my hands took some paper money and threw him in the fire, and paper money spinning round and round fell on the fire, one, two, four .

Again this year to the Ching Ming, the mother had severe rheumatoid arthritis, she could not Shangfen, I go to her not assured. So we in the outdoor burning paper money, the mother threw some paper money said: "Dad! Then small, remote (my uncle) holding .Paper cheap nike lebron 9 low money only last stack when mother and handed it to me said: "Little Wing, who died of unknown people burned it, alas! Nobody gave him Shangfen Pity." ... Fire and swayed my face, I said to myself: "rest in peace! Qingming Festival next year, I will definitely go for your Shangfen!" gust of wind over the paper money burnt ashes blown away .This year has stimulated the Ching Ming Festival.
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