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Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
OK, I haven't written in a few days, although I wanted too, I haven't felt very good the past couple of days. After I made my post on Thursday I had 3 separate incidents of seizure activity in left chest, neck and head and i hadn't even played Rock Band or Guitar Hero. I played my Wii bowling and tennis. Checked out the back of that game and it too has a seizure warning! I never had problems before! Anyway, I decided to take a break from all video game activities for a few days. Plus I pulled a muscle in my arm playing tennis!

I saw an allergist on Friday. He doesn't think I truly have any respiratory allergies. He thinks its Eustachian Tube dysfunction. The one ENT doc mentioned that before. Well, this doc gave me different meds to try and in two weeks wants to do an allergy skin test to see if I actually do have any allergies. He made sure he told me the latest news of the side effects of singulair. It has recently been found that a few people taking singulair have committed suicide. he wanted to make sure I knew that. He said if I was on antidepressants he wouldn't give it to me, but he thinks it is totally safe. I didn't mention that just before stepping into his office I made an appointment with a psychiatrist. I know I am not suicidal, although I do get depressed sometimes. I would never do that to my parents. And besides, God doesn't want me yet, if he did he would have taken me last year during one of my 3 brain surgeries! So far the meds have only made me feel worse, but not suicidal! After I took the singulair on Friday night I got a bad headache and had trouble sleeping that night. Not to mention my ear felt worse. I laid on the couch watching tv all day yesterday because I didn't get any sleep so I felt a bit nauseous and still had a bit of a headache. I still took the meds last night, because side effects can go away after initial use and I did get some sleep last night and I feel much better today, although my ear is still clogging and driving me crazy, but my sinuses have been doing better. The doc thinks the singulair will help with the ear problem, but it may take a week or so to see a difference. At least I feel much better today than I did yesterday.

I decided it was time to start trying yoga. I have been thinking about for awhile, but haven't tried it since before my first surgery. At least I think I haven't tried it since the first surgery because of the way my leg is its very difficult to do some of the poses. I remember having issues, but not like this. Before my first surgery my left leg felt weird, but I still had total control over it. Now I have to physically put my leg and foot in certain positions. But what I was able to do really helped stretch me out and get some blood flowing. I just need to figure out a way to get some more room in my living room to be able to do yoga properly. But after trying it I do think it is worth trying to do on a regular basis. Plus I really need to start getting some real exercise to try to lose some weight. I hate being this big. Plus we are supposed to have our 20th year high school reunion this year and I don't want to go back this fat! Yes I have had a tuff year but I want to look great for all that I have been thru! Hopefully my hair will be even by then! It is very grey now though and because hair dye puts you at greater risk, I don't think I want to dye it.

I have been getting the smoke smell again, and kind of on a regular basis. I think I need to start a journal of everything I eat and do and all the seizure activity and weird smells I get so I can try to figure out if there are certain triggers I should avoid. Obviously the video games are definitely one trigger, but since I haven't played any games since thursday, there must be something else responsible, or at least contributing, to this weird sensation. The other day I smelled Play Doh! How random! Just like the soft pretzel smell! I should have my referral for a new neuro doc by tomorrow so I also want to start a journal to give the guy some idea of my situation. I will take my medical records with me, but this way he will have an idea of my daily life. My other neuro never asked any questions, just upped my dosage if I mentioned any seizure activity. My only worry about seeing someone new is losing my driver's license. I don't know what the restrictions as far as being on anti seizure meds are. For all I know maybe I am not legally supposed to be driving! I doubt it though, since I have never had a grand-mal seizure. But it is something worth looking into before I see this new neuro doc.

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