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Posted Jan 12 2010 9:35pm

When you open up Word Press to ‘post a post’, the top left is labeled, “Add New Post”.  That’s the problem.  There’s no new post.  Judy has been with her mom who has cancer, gone through the death of her mother in-law,  is caring for many of her father in-laws needs, trying to make her daughter basketball games in the mix…

I have just returned from Montana from helping my mom care for my dad after back surgery.  I don’t consider my life as complex as Judy’s, but in the mix of my days, it’s just been extremely busy for many reasons.

So… we’re reaching out to our PJ family and holding an American Idol PJ’ers Post Rally.

Do you have an encouraging word (or two) to offer PJ’ers?  Do you Do you have a poem or a story about PD or YOPD you’d like to share?  You can tell us about your favorite caregiver, doctor, hamster, or eel.  We’re not holding auditions, just asking for submissions.  Each entry is on a volunteer basis and will be published after edited.  Please keep your submissions suitable for all audiences.

What are you waiting for?  Send to: and let the hope you have shine for others to see and be encouraged.

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