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A Who?

Posted Dec 03 2012 10:06pm
No, This is not the Dr. Suess, How the Grinch stole Christmas. But every time I tell people what kind of dog Smoky is I get the same response. "A Who? He is a pekezupoo.

Can you tell me what  kind of dog Smoky's momma was? His daddy was poodle so he is half poodle. But what was his momma? As I research about Smoky's momma I have a new love for 2 new breeds of dogs.

I will give you a hint. He has a kitty like posture. Smoky will hug up around my neck and lay over one shoulder. Short ears, curled tail. Big!! Big!! Hint Deanna's dog growing up was one part of what Smoky is.

When I lost pepper I was not looking for another dog. I was grieving over Pepper. My parents talked to me about what I wanted in my next dog. My only requirement was to be part poodle.
Both Pepper and Cricket were all poodle. They both were extremely smart but both had very long lasting medical problems.   I'm the type of owner to get a pet and do everything in my power to keep them healthy. As you know as Pepper aged he developed diabetes. Actually He was just 8 or 9 at the time he first developed the condition. He also had back problems. Which I tried to prevent.   I never let pepper jump like cricket loved to do. My aunt called him crazy cricket when he was younger and more hyper.  Cricket also  had Lupus and chronic ear infections.   I researched while pepper was sick that healthier pets are coming from cross breding. This is the reason for my decision for my break from my all poodle home.   He is actually a smaller dog than I would have looked for. But I am learning to adapt to him crawling under everything. Ginger I thought had me pretty well schooled on hiding places.   I can't take credit for finding Smoky. Momma and Daddy did that. When my mom told me we were going to look at puppies I didn't want to go. I felt like it was too soon. But now...  I would not give up my Smoky for anything. What if I didn't have my puppy?   Just last night my mom ask me, "What if we waited until Christmas to get Smoky?" "He might have been gone"...She said, "We may not have everything we want this year but its going to be a special Christmas."                
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