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A wall full of stickie notes

Posted Feb 25 2014 6:55am

Some of my best friends in the world

My memory not being what it was — can’t remember the last time I had great recollection… true story — sticky notes are my best friends.

I have them posted in places where “they should not be” — namely, on the glass pane of my back door, where I see them whenever I leave the house. I always leave through the back door, because the front door is broken and even if I could use it, it’s a longer walk to the garage, than if I go out the back – or just down through the basement. So, I always see notes that are stuck on the glass — right at eye level — when I leave to go anywhere.

There are notes for remembering to turn down the heat, to turn off the modem, to remember this, that, and the other thing. There are notes for communicating with my spouse, like when I’m out and about running errands, and I have my cell phone with me. Whatever the common situation I might forget to handle, there’s usually a sticky note for it.

I don’t keep them all on the door. That would defeat the purpose. Instead, I have them stuck to the wall beside the door, and I pick the one(s) I need, based on the situation.

Modem Off?
Bag for the gym
Going for a walk – I have my phone
Running errands – I have my phone
Lunch in the fridge

Everything I regularly forget, but don’t want to, I have a sticky note for.

It really works well. At first, my spouse was resistant to me using them. They said it made me look like I had Alzheimers or something. They said it reminded them that I have problems remembering. At first, I had to use a lot of sticky notes in a lot of different places — near the stove, in different rooms. It was a little excessive at the start, but over time I got rid of a lot of them, and now it’s just by the back door that I need them.

I’m glad I used them, though. I still do in other places, like work. Nobody knows that I can’t remember much of anything for long — my tools and tricks cover for me quite well.

You do what you must. And sometimes you must. There are worse things than having a bunch of notes around — like forgetting the things that the notes remind you of.

Anyway… Onward.


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