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A Throw of the Dice--or What?

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:24pm

When I was in my late thirties and on into my forties I suffered with migraine headaches frequently. They were terrible and so painful that I still am amazed that I was able to continue to work and support two teenagers through those years. I do have hazy memories, though, of being on the phones at work and holding a cold washrag to my temples. Frequently.

Then, about 5 years ago I had a emergency room visit and found out that I had irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. They put me on Toprol XL and the headaches stopped.

When I had my recent brain surgery the initial time frame was supposed to be 3 hours. It became 6. Why? Because the tumor was much larger than they had predicted. You see, they can't really tell until they get in there. I, of course, was in LaLa land--thank God for that!

One year after the ER visit- I woke up one morning and could not get out of bed--I laid there for awhile--and finally made my way to the living room. It was all very strange and in the next few days I had a lot of off balance moments and dizziness. Of course, I did not go to the Er. I eventually did go to the neighborhood RediMed where I was referred to a local hospital for an MRI---no one ever told me anything about what showed on that MRI. This was a little over 4 and 1/2 years ago.

My neurosurgeon says that the tumor has been there for at least ten years. Wild, huh?
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