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A promise is a promise

Posted May 08 2009 10:09pm
Can I tell you how much it has been bothering me that I hadn't been taking pictures of Naomi or blogging about her? Seriously, it bothers me! I get to the end of the day, when Naomi's asleep (but not for the night), and I can't seem to exert the energy to get up and find the camera bag so I can download and post. I have time (occasionally), but not the energy. Oh well!

Finally, here's some Naomi paparazzi shots!

In answer to your question, "Anon", those are milk spots or baby acne. It's a pretty normal occurance around 2-3 weeks of age. It's not something that needs treatment. Her body's just expelling some extra hormones through her pretty little face. All three of the babies have had these spots. In fact, if you look back at pictures of Joshua in early February 2008, you'll see similar spots on his face.

She's so good with sleep. I'm so blessed! Usually she sleeps 12-4 and 4-7. Last night I tried 10-2 and 2-6. I think I'll try to keep that routine, since it gives me a chance to go to bed earlier. I had been waiting up for that 12-1 feed but when Oceana still gets up between 6 and 7 (because she has to pee, I can't tell her to go back to bed), going to bed that late makes me a not-so-nice person.

Oceana is loving every minute of it. She's having a rough time with toilet training though, much to my frustration. We were all sorted 6 months ago. She was sleeping through the night - going about 10 hours at night without peeing. But recently the night time accidents have gotten pretty frequent - up to about 2x a week (she'd only had about half a dozen in 6 months). And yesterday she had an accident while we were out. She hasn't done that since we first started training. We've put her back in cloth diapers for a few days to see if she'll get the clue again. I know she can do it! She's proved herself. She just needs to find her own little routine with Naomi added in.

And would you look at that chin? She has SUCH a fun chin when she does a cheesy smile! Haha!

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