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A personal note of humble apology to my friend Becci Green by Judy Hensley

Posted Mar 31 2009 11:36pm

This is  NOT an April fool posting…I am very serious.   I would like to personally apologize for the  insensitive manner in which I attempted to describe  ’da coat and it’s appearance and rejection of initially posing with the coat by a Parkie that I called ‘flutterby’  that I wrote about  in a previous entry.    In NO way did I mean to imply or make it seem that flutterby ‘hated’ the coat.  And I furthermore stand corrected on the quote I ascribe to to her about “I would rather die than wear that coat!”   I misquoted her.

I hope and pray I will more thoughtfully consider any future statements I make when writing about anyone.   I’m deeply sorry if I have hurt your feelings, Becci.  You are a wonderful friend who was teasingly being a holdout on wearing the coat that evening in Reston.  You did wear it and your picture in it with a wonderful smile is one I will always treasure. 

And please ….to all of you, if I ever write anything about you that makes you uncomfortable or you feel is totally off base, let me know, OK?  I get a little bit excited at times and don’t always express my feeling the best in writing.  I feel that this effort of  an apology is inadequate but I felt I must try.  I love and admire my friend Becci Green and would never want to hurt her feelings, but I have and I am most regretful that it happened.  I will learn from this and hopefully will prayerfully consider every word I write in the future, such that the words I use are the most   honest and best description of actions I ascribe to others. 

Respectfully submitted Weds, April 1, 2009 by Judy Hensley.

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