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A Parkie’s Prose

Posted Feb 01 2013 9:06pm

My brain doesn’t work the way I want it to
I forget most everything
But I’m thankful to have enough of my brain
To remember at least a little of some little thing

My muscles don’t move the way I tell them to
I trip and stumble and sometimes I fall -
But I’m thankful that sometimes they do obey
And keep me standing a little bit tall.

My hands tremble, my legs – well, they’ll shake
Sometimes I just want to stand and scream
But I’m thankful to have my hands and my legs
For there are times they do work as a team.

My words can sometimes sound like silly garble
Twisted this way and twisted like that
But I’m thankful that I am still able speak
Even if you don’t understand if I’ve just said pot or pat.

This Parkinson’s can really frustrate me,
It’s a truth that I can tell -
But I’m thankful to be alive today
To serve my Jesus and hopefully – serve Him well.


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