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A Morning Revelation

Posted Jun 24 2010 8:24am

Good Morning!  How lovely to be a morning glory, soaking up the Texas sun.  This morning, and yesterday’s morning revealed something to me about Parkinson’s Disease, Essential Tremor and medical doctors.

1.  Never believe everything you hear….especially from medical doctors.  Remember, they are “practicing medicine”….they practice because they don’t have it right yet.

2.  Just because a person is an exceptional medical researcher does not mean he isn’t anything but a crappy clinician.  Yes, I know this from personal experience.

3.  Don’t take one doctor’s word as gospel.  If I had, I would have had DBS performed on me two years ago when now I’m “told” I have only ET.  Just think….4 worthless holes drilled in my head over one man’s whim….hmmm sounds like malpractice to me?

4.  Parkinson’s Disease has no definitive test.  So, when two neurologists tell you you have PD, and another one tells you you suffer from stress and arthritis – whom do you believe?  I believe myself.  I believe I have tremors, stiffness, difficulty swallowing, freezing gait, constipation, depression, cannot turn over in bed and I shuffle when I walk.  Call it whatever you wish.  I’m going for solutions and while I’m not  finding them with the numb-nuts who “think” they know what’s going on in my body, I”m still searching for solutions.  I may NOT have PD – but meanwhile I’m gonna keep searching for relief and for answers….and I’m going to definitely wear my Neupro patches.

5.  It doesn’t matter what you call this mess of  a body I’m living inside of….I’m still going to blog about PD, research and medical news about PD, and what’s going on with me.  I’m still gonna be hopeful for a cure for PD….despite my unfortunate and sad experiences with the “guru” of Parkinson’s Disease research.

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