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A Friday Morning with PD – by Judy Hensley

Posted Sep 28 2012 10:44am


Ok..fair warning given: I’m in a funky mood.


It’s Friday; the rest of the world, still fortunate to have a job, is rejoicing “almost the weekend!” I used to do it too, but haven’t in two years now since I ‘retired’ at the age of 44, after 20 years of working in a job I enjoyed.


Parkinson’s disease may cause this to happen.


I sit here listening to birds chirp in the early morning dusty light with additional illumination from the laptop screen where I intensely try to capture some thoughts by typing one handed due to the stiffness and tremor in my left hand.


Parkinson’s disease usually starts on one side of your body and progresses to the other.


I try to wait and take my meds until 6;30 so I’ll function better in the daytime. Otherwise people tend to look at you and you know they are thinking “What is HER problem?”


Oh what people don’t know about Parkinson’s!


I wanted a little snack a few minutes ago, so I scooted (literally) into the kitchen and got out a piece of bread from a new loaf. I hate twist-ties. I counted…it took me 48 secs to fumble with the tie to get out a piece of bread and put a clip back on the bag. At least the clip should help the next time.


Parkinson’s disease will slow you down.


Speaking of medications, I have taken 4-5 different ones at a time over the last year. Two of them I take a pill 3-5 times a day. I got the pharmacy to print out my refills the last year. It also included some info on my cost and how much my insurance paid. We are very fortunate to have good insurance at a moderate cost to us, but I was stunned. The cost of 35 different refills was a total cost of $6,600 and my part was $800 plus another couple of hundred dollars of deductible.


I just have PD….this is outrageous. Oh, and I might mention the most effective drug for PD is 40 years old?


And now we sit with constant worry about increasing costs of all health care at incredible rates. And we are helping businesses who pay outrageous salaries to people who help their industry into billions into debt get out of it? Excuse me for being somewhat cynical.


Parkinson’s disease can affect more than the way you move, unfortunately.


Speaking of which, an estimated 50% of PD patients

experience depresssion, but I’ll just leave it at that and take my antidepressant with my 3 PD meds a day.


You’ll be happy to know, I just took my meds. I should be almost normal in 40 minutes and do well as long as I take my meds every 4 hours and don’t have anything too stressful going on today….you just never know some days how well you’ll do.


I have had Parkinson’s symptoms 7 ½ years and had effective treatent for 6 years. They say I’m probably in the honeymoon treatment years of 5-10 years after diagnosis. The honeymoon is wearing off, I can tell and I’m trying to stay positive for the future.


That’s why I like this group of people…the Regulars. I describe them as regular people who climb a mountain once a year to help Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. If you don’t know about them please, please know about them. See and meet my friends. 

Judy Hensley

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