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‘Are You OK?’ is not a Concussion Test

Posted Nov 02 2012 8:19am

Thanks to The Brain Injury #tbi Daily for this discovery:

Forbes magazine has a great article here (click to read it)

Did University of Arizona’s QB Matt Scott have a concussion or not?

And did Coach Rich Rodriguez make a mistake by keeping Scott on the field after the player’s apparent head injury?

Two days after the controversial sequence of events , those are still open questions. And Rodriguez’s comments on Monday don’t put the issue to rest.

Here’s what we know
Scott began vomiting after taking a hit to the head in Saturday’s game against nationally ranked USC. (My original story got one detail wrong; Scott wasn’t kicked, but hit twice — including a nasty helmet-to-helmet blow from a USC player, who received a personal foul — when sliding at the end of a play.) Deadspin has the video here .

Rodriguez saw the blows and Scott’s subsequent vomiting; that combination is possible evidence of a brain injury, and the NCAA instructs coaches to immediately remove players from the field for medical evaluation .

I got clued into the issues with Arizona via The Concussion Blog , and it’s well worth considering what’s happening there… and what, if anything, the NCAA will do about it.

What else is worth considering, is what’s going to happen on down the line, after the football season, after college… it’s impossible to say how concussions affect people in the future, but about the worst thing that can happen, is for everyone to say, “You seem fine to me,” when inside your own head and your own experience, things are anything but.

Here’s hoping Scott heals, but here’s also hoping we don’t just assume he will, without some help and management.

More on that later. Time for me to get to work.

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