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7 Years After Brain Tumor Surgery Seizures Have Started

Posted by crackers

My husband had a brain tumor removed 7 years ago. It was an astrocytoma grade 2/3. He had radiation and chemo. All was well until 2 weeks ago. In the past 2 weeks he has had what seems like 3 seizures. With the first seizure we took him to the Emergency Room. All tests seemed clear including the MRI (with the possible exception of more scar tissue around the site). Can anyone tell me if this has happened to them this many years later. If so, please explain. I also welcome any guesses at other causes to look in to. Thanks.
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Not sure how long this post has been up, but something similar is happening with my wife.  She was diagnosed with a glioblastoma seven years ago, she underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (oral) for 3+ years.  All was good.  Clean MRIs and great reports.  She had a seizure two weeks ago and she immediately had an MRI.  While there was no noticeable mass, there was 'something going on' in her scan.  (a subsequent DOPA/PET scan was inconclusive)  The docs said it could be new tumor growth or it could be gliosis (layman's terms: scar tissue from the surgery/radiation/etc.)

 She will have another MRI in six weeks.  If the scans continue to show this 'something going on' or that 'something' seems to be spreading, they will operate to remove and to get a biopsy sample.  So... we're waiting.  Please let me know what you found out with your husband.  Thanks

I to have a brain tumor Oligoastrocytoma 2/3 found in 1998 had surgery and the tumor doubled its size by year 2002 Had surgery again and then 7 weeks radiation. Did not do chemotherapy because I wanted to have kids. I now have a 6 year old and a 4 month old I have been good for 7 years and now on my last apt. They think my tumor came back or could be radiation damage? So I did a special scan a MRS it tells you if it is tumor growth or radiation damage. I did the test and it was gone not sure why just a little swelling left. My doct thinks it was radiation damage but not sure.  I dont know what to do I have another scan in a few months just not sure what to do. I just pray the tumor has not come back I dont think I will be able to handle this for a 3rd time and I have to wonderful kids now. Has this ever happend to any of you regarding the radiation efects. My doct. said it is rare to see radiation efects 7 years out?


I would recommend that you go with your husband to a neurologist for consultation. The new-onset  seizures could be indicating a recurrence of tumor. Or, it could be that scar formation is causing the seizures. Close follow-up over time with MRIs may help determine what is going on. In the meantime, the neurologist will be able to help with medical treatment for seizure control. I hope this helps......
My wife did indeed have a recurrence.  Surgery was two weeks ago.  The pathology report came back with a grade III Astrocytoma.  Strange since her original diagnosis was a grade IV glioblastoma.  Getting her original slides from her first tumor to have them re-analyzed.  She will once again start chemotherapy (temadar) for a 12-24 month cycle.


i just been diagnostic  with barain canser or most like tly with a tumoram scareand am alone in this one i would like to know if the test  they doif it herts and if i have to be with some one pleaseany one just let me know

thank you

One o  f the tests they run is an MRI....and there is no pain whatsoever just lie down and they do 'scan' (which is just like taking pictures) with a noisy machine.   There are also EEGs..and there is no pain to that either.   They put about 8 little circles (imagine DOTS cut out of Post-It Notes) on your head.  The dots are connected to wires that go to a machine....but you do not feel anything.   So really...I can't think of a test they would do, other than maybe a blood test...that you would even feel anything.  It will be new to you...but not painful!!  :-)

to the first comment< my husabnd is going thru the same thing, what was yur diagnoses, we are waiting for a followup MRI, NEED ANSEWRS !!!!!


Hi ,


My mother had lymphoma in right frontal lobe brain . She underwent surgery + radiation+ chemo in 2009 . since then she was fine . But suddently starting mid of janurary 2012 she started having seizures . From janurary till june this month she almost have seizures every month . she was admitted to hospital everytime. In second seizure during MRI it was noted that there is some activity in the same area where it was operated in 2009 . In third seizure the size increases. everytime we admit her to hospital and they cure it temorarily , but again it happn . As suggested by doctors she undergone radiation again (IMRT) in april 2012 , and after a month we did MRI , and tumor is more than 95 % gone . But still she got seizure this month june .Can anyone suggest what will be the reason or if there are any chances we can cure it (from seizures atleast) 


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