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3 Seizures in the last 24 hours!

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:06am
It turns out that if you take too much Keppra you should NOT skip any doses afterwards. I did not take any Keppra on Sunday after my "accidental overdose" on SAturday night and I have had 3 seizures in the last 24 hours because of that. I had an appointment with my neuro doc today and I told him about my "overdose" and he said "try not to do that again" and "don't skip any doses because it takes at least 4 doses to get back to where it should be." When I first told him about my seizure yesterday and the one I had that woke me up at 3am he got a little worried, but then I told him about taking too much on SAturday and then not taking any on Sunday. He said that was the reason I was having the seizures because the med leaves the bloodstream 12-18 hours later and then it takes at least 4 more doses to bring the level back up. Then as I was leaving I had another seizure. He gave me a sample pack so I could take more Keppra right then and told me to go home and take it easy. He was a little nervous about letting me drive home, but I assured him I was fine. He told me not to drive any more after that today and to take it easy. He also upped my doseage because, aside from these seizures, I have been having them once or twice a month and he wants that to stop. So tonight instead of 1000mg I will be taking 1500 mg. I will take 1000 mg in morning and 1500 mg in evening for two weeks and then I go up to 1500 mg morning and evening. I guess I may never get off the med, or at least not any time soon!

I also talked to the doc about the Vertigo when riding my bike, although neither of us actually used that term, but he thinks it is related to sinuses and my ear problems and nothing to do with my brain tumors. So I may need to see an EMT again, if it continues.

I received a letter from my health insurance company that they have approved me getting a new AFO brace so tomorrow I have another appointment with the foot doc and I will hopefully have the new AFO brace within a couple weeks. That will make working a lot easier! And since I will be able to do more at work I will push harder to get a job which is good because I also got a letter from my landlord that my rent is being raised! That sucks, but hopefully I will get some work soon! Otherwise I am screwed!

Also, here is a pic of how my bracelet turned out. I attached it to a leather cuff with leather rope.
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