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2/4/06 dx (per neurologist "severe diffuse head injuiy) Is injured individual now predissposed toward mental decline?

Posted by dasqm

head injury incurred (date op injury:2/4/06

Dx:  Severe diffuse Head Injury 

location::  incident occurred while in residence (rental) at a compond a/ka/ Indian Palms Country Club, Indio, CA  92201


Attendant on duty advised me (spouse of injured) he was recently hired.  During incident the attendant was MIA regarding other matters relative to his job (i.e.) he was outside locking up tennis court & checking on other outdoor facilities relative to health club.

'Shortly thereafter 2 bizarre factors occurred:  (i.e.)

1.  waiver signed by my husband presented (however, it wasn't his penmanship) ergo fradulent document.

2.  Cable  involved in incident suddenly "mising".

3. Physical  

Per Dr/s insight took legal action; however the facility had uniquely distinguished firm of attorneys, ergo...a settlement via mediation sans us was made and deductions (per our personal legal expenses (i.e. specialists sreferred by our respective attorneys fees were deducted). When presented with settlement by our attorney via cell phone while driving I inquited if subrugation was included.  Our attorney said he forgot to address said matter.  Then he put Mediator on the phone with me; sole purpose was to coerce me into accepting their "deal".  Thus.....a complicated long standing process and when all monetary variables were factored in by attorneys (despite the fact that evidence wasn't presented (i.e.)forged waiver.  Settlement was insignificant; however, it allowed us the financial resources necessary to  relocate back to CT; albeit, we reside in much lower income area than our initial residence, we had no alterntive for financial survival sole reverse mortgage which we were eligible for because injured is 65 yrs old and minimum required age for same mtg. is 62. Bottom line: Financially, I dropped approximately 15 life insurance policies....obviously, due to his health these cant; be reinstated due to predisposed health condition. If/when I turn 62 (current age 60.5) I am eligible to have my name included on reverse mtg.(naturally @ significant legal cost).  However, at present,due to age restrictions...if my husband demises......I am indigent!











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