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12 workshops I wish were at the International Dyslexia Association Conference this year...

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:00pm

Here are the 12 workshops that would serve the attendees - if they happened upon them at this weeks IDA conference.

  1. Statistical relationships in early age bedside home reading and dyslexic student reading later in life.
  2. How to guide to storytelling in the home.  Learning reading through desire.
  3. An interview with a dyslexic lawyer, doctor, teacher, fisherman and fireman.
  4. An open discussion with 3 parents who raised dyslexic children.
  5. The relationship between diet and the brain of your child.
  6. How to get students to care about reading when school has kicked the shit out of them.
  7. Un-schooling the school were no one has a label.
  8. My Waldorf schooled dyslexic child - the good, the bad and the lovely.
  9. An examination of self interest - money and the role it plays in school settings. 
  10. Chinese lessons on dyslexia; using the herbs of the east.
  11. When Dog let's you down.  Discussions on God and dyslexia.
  12. I feel...  How to listen to your teenage Dyslexic. 
I would love to find one of these workshops at the conference.
If you saw one this past week please let me know right a way.  ;-)
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