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1:45 PM

Posted Feb 07 2013 10:06pm
I have a five month old puppy that is a very picky eater. When I say he is a picky eater I mean he refuses to eat puppy food.
I find he will eat fresh pet . I don't care what it cost. This will be much easier since I was looking to start cooking his meals. Then I consulted with his vet and I was suggested to try fresh Pet . The Vet wanted me to wait until he was a year old to start the home diet.
But now I have found that only one out of 10 places I called on your website claiming to carry fresh pet in the puppy do not carry it. So I don't know if I should really drive out to this one place because one lady thought I was calling about cat litter! True storey!!
 So I just need to be able to order fresh pet puppy until he is a year. My vet said I could start a home diet then. I'm really distressed how hard it is to find the fresh pet puppy. But I will do what it takes to keep my puppy happy and healthy. I was told by petsuperstore .
 that they did not carry it because it did not have a long shelf life and they were loosing too much money on it.
 It looks to me like you are loosing a lot of customers not covering the loss of the products. So I come to your .com sight to order what I need all I find is advertisement about your product! Where do people go that can't find what they need? I suggest putting coupons on your site and an easier way to  order.

Monica Ball
Marshall,NC 28753

** I was not paid, or suggested by anyone in any of my opinions. I like this product and so does my dog I posted this on my site and theirs as a review.
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