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Hey everyone, I'm currently between graduation and residency, so I've decided to post an essay I wrote for one of the last courses of medical...

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Updated July 2009 If you woke up with a pain in your shoulder , you'd probably think something was wrong with your shoulder, right? Maybe you...

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Balloon sinuplasty

Checking out the news online today, I couldn't help noticing a little anatomy in the headlines: A balloon instead of a knife: Sinuplasty for ailing...
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Apr 05 2009 by rzeke
I've had a sore throat on the left side for about a month and the doctor can't find anything that would cause it.  Could it be referred pain?  I've had a few sniffles off and on, but more like that of allergies.  I'm reading on the Internet that quite a lot of people have this left-side-sore-throat phenomenon and nobody seems to know what causes it.  If it's referred pain, it's got to come from somewhere, right?  Is anybody looking at this?

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