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We're 4 women who blog about mental health issues or whatever is on our minds.  At times we hope to be informative.  We believe a good sense of humor and love among friends is the best medicine; and that a sense of community that we try to build through on-line... Full Bio
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I’m seriously beginning to question the wisdom of Anne Frank……that most people are inheritedly good. Starting to wonder if it’s not the...

Misery Loves Company

Unless you’re kind of antisocial and like your privacy. I’m a bit of the above. That’s why I’ve been absent. Well, that and I’m busy;...

Lyin’ Ass Psych Doctors….

First, let me make something perfectly clear….I do not consider myself absolved of responsibility for my addiction. Now, that said….stupid ass...


Remember when Nancy said we’d have to pass health care to see what’s in it? away from the fog of the controversy? Well the fog is slowly...

No Benefits Yet, We’re Still Collecting Underpants

Mass confusion (yeah, for those who paid no attention…or for people with this type of mentality .) “They’re saying,”Where do we get...

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Mar 16 2013 by thisguysafool

Hey your posts on seroquel seem to be quiet informative on how poory educated you are through both your syntax and contet. I think your bad at life. 

sincerly random internet hero

(also not a seroquel user or trying to lash out at your undue criticism but just think you to be a plane degenrate.) 


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