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Kneeville, California
Hi, I'm a 64 yr old male who had a TKR on my right leg this year (2009).  My doctor was referred on the website for the Knee Replacement Device.  My knee got infected 3+ weeks after the surgery, operated on it again, and it's been a downhill ride ever since, incl a bone scan.  I would NOT recommend this procedure to anyone!  Removing an infection in a cemented process is only for millionaires and people with servants. Keep your God Given knee and wait for Stem... Full Bio
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Jul 03 2009 by Botched
Jul 03 2009 by Botched
CONSUMER REPORTS now has an interest in reporting HOSPITAL INFECTIONS.....and I applaude this as my father died from a staph infection (hip operation) and I now have osteomyelitis due to a knee replacement......spread the word on this "secret" information.
Jun 23 2009 by Botched
I need to find an EXPERT on bone infection solutions, before my job/insurance ends...please?