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Hello, My name is Brent Hartman and I operate a small personal training business called Body By Brent LLC. My blog contains fitness, nutrition and wellness tips and news that are designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle. I draw on my professional experience in clinical, performance and... Full Bio
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Stress? Your Not Alone

  Feeling stressed today?   Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/   If you answered yes then you...

Discover How You Can Easily Relax In 30 Minutes Or Less

  Relax, It’s not that hard!     In a previous blog we discussed the benefits exercise can have on reducing stress levels and...

What Every Person Ought To Know About Being Fit

    Fitness can be defined as the condition, quality or state of being physically fit and healthy. This is a very generic definition...

10 Easy Ways to Make Dining out Worry Free

    Going out to eat may seem overwhelming and confusing if you are trying to stick to a healthier lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of...

The Easiest First Step to Eliminating Stress

  STRESS!   A word that causes many of us to cringe- work, meetings, appointments, finances, families, and hectic lifestyles can...

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