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Hello, My name is Brent Hartman and I operate a small personal training business called Body By Brent LLC. My blog contains fitness, nutrition and wellness tips and news that are designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle. I draw on my professional experience in clinical, performance and... Full Bio
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Cardiovascular Exercise: A Fitness Guide

    This week we discuss cardiovascular exercise, part of the 4 components of our well rounded exercise program. As we noted...

Workout Essentials 101: Guide to Resistance Training

    We’re kicking off a 4 part blog series on 4 major areas of exercise that will include: resistance training, cardiovascular,...

Post Exercise Massage: A Great Way to Help Recovery

  Did you know that July 12-18 is ‘Every Body Deserves a Massage’ Week? Every year massage therapists use this dedicated week to raise...

New Offering For Client Success at B3 Personal Training

  When I set out to become a personal trainer back in 2005 it was because I so passionate about exercise I wanted to share that passion with...

Exercise and Low Testosterone

  How You Can Naturally Increase Your Levels     The three primary anabolic hormones involved in building muscle tissue are...

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