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Bobby V.

Lakeside, California
I work in the pest control business by day. Later I promote teaching children on how to play baseball in their minds before they go out into the field. I believe that many young people try to be someone else for so many years of their life, they find it difficult to make a transition to who they really are. I would like to be part of the learning curve that helps children to learn to be the best "they can be". There is allot involved and I am not degreed, so I try to help by... Full Bio
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Are they any of you that have young children that want to play baseball/softball?

I believe Vertical Baseball can help parents build life-long memories for you and your child that no coach will ever be able to take credit for....

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Jan 07 2008 by Larissa

Hey Bobby,

Glad to hear you like the site!  The featured videos in a community are based on ratings and it is not currently implemented so users can change the featured video on their profile page.  I will be sure to forward your feedback to the appropriate teams.

Thank you and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!



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