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Bob Tell is a writer who lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan. His first published book is... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
CherB--Your feelings are perfectly appropriate and normal for caregivers of people with... more
Apr 29 2012 9:29pm
Just the reverse: Alzheimer's Disease is just one of many cognitive disorders in the... more
Apr 28 2010 6:49am
 I strongy believe in the role of humor as a healing balm for caregiver burnout. To... more
Apr 11 2010 10:48am
Your client needs to see a board certified gastroenterologist. more
Oct 18 2009 1:16pm
This is a matter of opinion. Mine is that "dementia" is a clinical condition best... more
Sep 22 2009 10:49am
The time to worry is not when you forget where you put these things. That happens to... more
Apr 27 2009 9:55am
I'm not a geriatric physician, so this is not a scientific answer to your excellent... more
Feb 04 2009 12:45pm
This isn't a question. more
Jan 14 2009 12:25pm
Puffin---Thanks for your comment. It confirms my impressions about the value of humor... more
Oct 10 2008 1:46pm