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Bob Tell is a writer who lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan. His first published book is... Full Bio
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Why RN's Become Nurse Practitioners

Solidify a Job in the Medical Field with a Nurse Practitioner Degree If you are a registered nurse, but want to treat the patients and diagnose...

Diabetes & Food Allergies--Two Interesting Programs!

As part of our mission, we will continue to bring health related information to the readers of this blog. Here are two health related sites we...

Why Caregivers Need Respite Care!

Every day, people who take care of their aging loved one’s face many challenges and difficulties. Being a caregiver is a demanding job, and no one...

How Can Yoga Benefit Seniors?

What follows is a guest article by Carolina Sewald, staff writer for  Drug Dangers . Hope you find it to be useful!  Robert Tell,...

Are the Critics of ObamaCare being fair?

I promised myself when I started this blog that I would avoid being overtly political in my posts. This is an exception. What follows is my...

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