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Recent Garden Tour

I was visiting a couple recently that are customers of mine that have, like most of my customers, become very good friends. Mrs. Cole is an avid...

West Texas Excursion

My neighbor down the road recently asked me to go to their ranch in west Texas, close to Dryden, to help with some ranch work that needed to be...

The Sky Forest of the Thalia

That sounds like some thing from the movie Avatar and really, it's kind of close. Thalia was one of the first plants we bought when we built our...

Hazards Of Country Gardening

Woke up a couple mornings ago to the sound of my dog going nuts. I hollered at Lyn to see what was wrong. She hollered back that there was a cow...

More Progress on the Back Yard

The bed that was started in the last post is all done now. The two layers of rocks make for a very natural looking ledge. The dirt depth behind...

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