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Delray Beach, Florida
I am a citizen journalist, writer, investor and caregiver. I am the sole caregiver for my mother; she suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Prior to moving to Delray Beach, Florida to take care of my mother I was CEO of a software development and marketing company based in Reston,... Full Bio
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Changing Patterns of Behavior in Dementia Patients

People living with Alzheimer's and dementia are well known for their challenging and often difficult behaviors. What can you do about...

She said, Get Out, I said, I'm Not Going Anywhere

My mother was deeply forgetful and living with Alzheimer's. She did not seem to know or understand that she could no longer live or operate on her...

Exercise May Counteract Brain Atrophy and Slow the Onset of Alzheimer's

Older adults that improved their fitness through a moderate intensity exercise program increased the thickness of their brain’s cortex, the outer...

Dementia Patients Can Deceive Others to the Distress of Their Caregiver

One of the things that can be really hurtful to caregivers is the ability of their loved one living with dementia to change behavior like a...

8 Tips for Getting Your Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s to Stop Driving before They Hurt Themselves or Someone Else

Getting a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease to stop driving is one of the most difficult tasks you will ever have to accomplish. Need Help?...

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Nov 29 2010 by Joyce W.

I am over shock/anger..


To give an explanation of actions:


I have access to the internet once every 3-4 weeks when my sister comes to help. It is only then(like now) that I can catch up on links sent to me... therefore what appears as "spam", is just endeavouring to contribute to many conversations that have been going on over successive days/weeks which I was unable to participate in...understand the person and their circumstances before jusgement. Thank you.

Dec 07 2008 by Bob DeMarco