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Delray Beach, Florida
I am a citizen journalist, writer, investor and caregiver. I am the sole caregiver for my mother; she suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Prior to moving to Delray Beach, Florida to take care of my mother I was CEO of a software development and marketing company based in Reston,... Full Bio
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Nov 29 2010 by Joyce W.

I am over shock/anger..


To give an explanation of actions:


I have access to the internet once every 3-4 weeks when my sister comes to help. It is only then(like now) that I can catch up on links sent to me... therefore what appears as "spam", is just endeavouring to contribute to many conversations that have been going on over successive days/weeks which I was unable to participate in...understand the person and their circumstances before jusgement. Thank you.

Dec 07 2008 by Bob DeMarco