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I am an eternally gratefull heart transplant recipient . Because of this experience I have dedicated the rest of my life to increasing the supply of transplantable organs. We must put an end to the unnecessary misery and dying. I have a website, OrOrgan Transplant Patients, Families and Friends at... Full Bio
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How To Live Healthy, Live Long and Stay off the Transplant List

"The key to solving the shortage of transplantable organs is to significantly diminish the demand ."

A Better Way to Combat Obesity

Obesity is now the second leading preventable cause of death in our country. It is linked to sixty chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood...

The Greatest Public Health Threat is Here Now — Antibiotic Resistant Diseases

"A world without antimicrobials would be a world without modern medicine, so why is there not more urgency in addressing the global rise of drug...

Is Your Doctor Ordering Unnecessary Tests? 7 To Watch For

 Introduction by Bob Aronson Dr. Priscilla Diffie-Couch, regularly sends out health, fitness and medical tips and ideas to family...

Do You Believe In Miracles — Medical Miracles?

 Introduction by Bob Aronson Since Bob’s Newheart began publishing on WordPress over seven years ago, we have tried to offer...

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