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Vote Mick!!!

Don't vote Pedro, Vote Mick. This post is a shameless plug for my friend Mick Molly, who's running for the Seanate in...

The downside of being down under.

This blog, and many others are full of the joys involved in a move to Australia and New Zealand. A region where work/life balance is (usually)...

the family doctor Vs the FAMILY doctor

I hate being the only doctor in the family. Aunts, grannies, nieces and friends of theirs all seem too keen to show me their bumps and bruises...

Kudos to you, Mr GP.

Overheard in the supermarket today: Mildly coryzal staff member: I've had this cold for 4 days now, and it's pissing me off. I went to my...


Dear baby Jesus. Why....... 1) do the sickest kids have the most difficult veins? 2) do the the kids with nothing wrong with...
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